Meet our Olde Boston Bulldogges!

Blackstar's Rubber Ducky of Dueling Roosters 

aka "Ducky"

Born November 22nd 2012

Weight: 32lbs

Height: 16"

Sire - J&J's Renegade Warrior

Dam - Blackstar's Wild Rose

Dueling Roosters Golden Knight

aka "Toad"

Born June 18th 2018

Weight: 35 lbs

Height: 15"

Sire: FMR's Mr. Buttersworth

Dam: Blackstar's Rubber Ducky

BR FMR's Mr. Buttersworth of Dueling Roosters

aka "Butters"

Born December 5th 2015

Weight: 40lbs

Height: 16.5"

Sire - FMR's Avatar

Dam - FMR's Phoebe

BHK Trollstice

aka "Trolli"

Born January 10th 2019

Weight: Still Growing

Height: Still Growing

Sire: Bakers Connor Angus

Dam:  Anarchy's Dame Amber

Dueling Roosters Blue Shark 

aka "Sharky"

Born October 23rd 2016

Weight: 32lbs

Height: 15"

Sire - Varner's Tonka

Dam - Dueling Roosters Zelda

Dueling Roosters The Dude

aka "Dude"

Born July 4th 2016

Weight: 25lbs

Height: 14"

Sire: Varner's Tonka

Dam: Blackstar's Rubber Ducky