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Our farm, in the small town of Fremont Indiana started back in 2011. My wife and I bought a small house on some land and started what is known today as Dueling Roosters Mini Ranch. First we purchased a couple of horses, then a dozen or so chickens, then a donkey and a pony. We have turned our love for the outdoors into a home that we are very proud of, and started to focus on preserving threatened breeds of dogs, chickens, and ducks to help keep the blood lines diverse and available. As of 2018 we have switched our focus to Kune Kune pigs, and Jacob sheep as our main livestock.  

We are working on providing heritage farm animals to individuals who are interested in homesteading. "Know where your food comes from" We have selected the above breeds because of their ability to be raised on a small piece of land, and be relatively easy to care for. We are currently in our first few years and are expanding our livestock. So feel free to take a look around and see what we may have in-store for the future. 

Thanks for Visiting,

- Tyler & Krystal